Wednesday, November 12, 2008

two chapters of the same story (I)

“Orasul de carton”, September 27th, 2008

A cold day. A rainy day. A 4 and a half hours drive through the beautiful roadside landscapes of Romania just to enter a completely different world. A world of broken promises, poverty and hopelessness. A world you don’t wanna imagine still exists in present times. But it does. A place forgotten by those who should never forget it’s their duty to change things, to make life better for that people.One thing never changes though: children. Their ability to laugh when there’s nothing to laugh about, their kindness, the truthfulness in their eyes and hearts, their lack of conjecture, their way of making you feel like you belong, their way of touching your soul when they take your hand into theirs like it’s the most natural gesture ever, their heartbreaking hug when you have to leave.


gabtudor said...

O istorie ce te misca profund

Anonymous said...

your work is fantastic